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Author Name Title Department
[BTD] Blythe, Earving L The maximization of discretionary budget :an explanation for the pattern of computer investments in the federal government Urban Affairs
[BTD] Cuthbertson, Ida D. The fiscal impact of new town and suburban development :an assessment of the effects of Reston and West Springfield on Fairfax County, Virginia Urban Affairs
[BTD] Dahlman, Carl Thor Re-reading the new right: risk, media, and rhetoric in Republican environmental policy Urban Affairs
[BTD] Feil, Daniel Jonathan Air Installations Compatible Use Zones :an assessment of the development of the Department of Defense policy and the implementation by the Department of the Navy Urban Affairs
[BTD] Friedman, Howard Lawrence Federal and state renewable energy policy :lessons from the late 1970's and early 1980's Urban Affairs
[BTD] Govindan, Indira Variations in surgical rates among the elderly population of southwest and central Virginia Urban Affairs
[BTD] Haberlein, Lynn M. The growth of for-profit hospitals in the United States, 1970-1980 Urban Affairs
[BTD] Kambhampaty, S. Murthy A method of evaluating the impact of economic change on the services of local governments Urban Affairs
[BTD] McCormack, Eileen M Parking :balance between parking demand and public policy Urban Affairs
[BTD] Peirce, Jeffrey R Cash management in the religious non-profit sector :a survey of three manor denominations' practices Urban Affairs
[BTD] Peters, Terry Spielman The politics and administration of land use control in Fairfax County, Virginia Urban Affairs
[BTD] Romano, Gary M Dual-executive structures in religious non-profit organizations Urban Affairs
[BTD] Stenberg, Linda Crump Citizens, services, and new towns. Urban Affairs
Abad, Ana Cristina Civil Society Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers Urban Affairs and Planning
Ahmed, Hala Abdel Rahim Applicability of Healthy Communities in Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
Ali, Dina Fathi Case Study of Development of the Peripheral Coastal Area of South Sinai in Relation to its Bedouin Community Urban Affairs and Planning
Allin, Samuel Robert Fishleigh An Examination of China's Three Gorges Dam Project Based on the Framework Presented in the Report of The World Commission on Dams Urban Affairs and Planning
Amjad, Urooj Quezon Water, Conflict, & Cooperation: Ramallah, West Bank Urban Affairs and Planning
Ananthakrishnan, Malathi The Urban Social Patterns of Navi Mumbai, India Urban Affairs and Planning
Anderson, Jason Developing Digital Monitoring Protocols for Use in Volunteer Stream Assessment Urban Affairs and Planning
Appler, Douglas R. America's Converging Open Space Protection Policies: Evidence from New Hampshire, Virginia and Oregon Urban Affairs and Planning
Azizi, Susanne L. An Analysis of the Social Action program and Education of Women in Pakistan Urban Affairs and Planning
Babylon, Ruth G. The Use of Community-Based Conservation in Natural Resource Management: Case Studies from The Nature Conservancy of Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
Battikha, Anne-Marie Structural Adjustment and the Environment: Impacts of the World Bank and IMF Conditional Loans on Developing Countries Urban Affairs and Planning
Belo, Bradley Paul Natural Hazaed Mitigation Planning for Karst Terrains in Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
Bender, John An Examination of the Use of Urban Entertainment Centers as a Catalyst for Downtown Revitalization Urban Affairs and Planning
Bhardwaj, Asmita Responses in India towards the Clean Development Mechanism Urban Affairs and Planning
Bond, Matthew R. The Power of Municipal Development Plans: An Examination of Their Relevance and Impact in Guatemala Urban Affairs and Planning
Buchsbaum, Bernardo Duha Ecotourism and Sustainable Development in Costa Rica Urban Affairs and Planning
Burdette, Jason Todd Form-Based Codes: A Cure for the Cancer Called Euclidean Zoning? Urban Affairs and Planning
Butler, William Hale Planning for Water: Statewide Approaches to Watershed Planning and Management Urban Affairs and Planning
Byrd, Kevin Ryan The Changing Role of Downtowns: An Examination of the Condition of Cities and Methods to Reinvent the Urban Core Urban Affairs and Planning
Cai, Rong Trust and Transaction Costs in Industrial Districts Urban Affairs and Planning
Cathcart, Susan Rhetoric Versus Reality: Prospects for Women's Rights in Post-Taliban Afghanistan Urban Affairs and Planning
Chance, Donald R A Behavioral Theory of Planning Urban Affairs and Planning
Chatterjee, Arpita Shankar Usefulness of GIS in Mass Transit: An Analysis of the riderhip characteristics of Greater London and D.C. Metropolitan Region Urban Affairs and Planning
Chaves, Elisabeth Kerry Integrating Water Supply Planning into Land Use Decision-Making Urban Affairs and Planning
Childers, Jonathan Aragorn Developing Guidelines for the Community Land Conservation Planning Process: With an Analysis of the West Virginia New River Parkway Project Urban Affairs and Planning
Christensen, Rachel Atkin Accountability Mechanisms and Mission-Based Activity: A Nonprofit Agency Serving Immigrants and Refugees Urban Affairs and Planning
Clark, Erica M Kids Planning Our Environment: Environmental Education as a Tool for Community Stewardship Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Cook, Stephen T. Nongovernmental organizations role in the establishment of resource management areas in Richmond County and Mathews County Urban Affairs and Planning
Cox, Anna Louise Preserving Historic Identity in the United States: Theoretical and Practical Lessons for Maintaining Historic Character in Small Virginia Towns Urban Affairs and Planning
Crampton, Jason P. Zoning's Connection with Racial Distribution: A Case Study on the Washington, D.C. MSA Urban Affairs and Planning
Davis, George T Protecting Scenic Views: Seventy Years of Managing and Enforcing Scenic Easements along the Blue Ridge Parkway Urban Affairs and Planning
de Leon, Raymond F. DEVELOPING A SERVICE-LEARNING PROGRAM FOR WATERSHED MANAGEMENT: Lessons from the Stroubles Creek Watershed Initiative Urban Affairs and Planning
Dhavale, Dawn Maya More Than Artifacts: The Surprising Importance of Census Designated Places Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Du, Zhi-cang A fiscal impact model for Montgomery County :practicum in planning Urban Affairs and Planning
Erickson, Julie B Decentralization and Hospital Governance in Rural Paraguay Urban Affairs and Planning
Ferrufino, Carlos E. Globalization and Urban Structure in Latin America; the Case of Export Processing Zones in El Salvador Urban Affairs and Planning
Fields, Zenobia L. Using Public Policy to Promote Community Economic Development Urban Affairs and Planning
Fowler, David Phillip Midtown Atlanta: Privatized Planning in an Urban Neighborhood Urban Affairs and Planning
Garrett, Benjamin Goggin Mexican Political Development, Common Property Institutions, and Opportunities for Collaborative Environmental Management Urban Affairs and Planning
Genovese, Marie Implications of the Revocation of the "Tulloch Rule" Urban Affairs and Planning
Gibson, Joshua Charles Fish Consumption Advisories in Tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay: Improving the Communication of Risk to Washington, DC Anglers Urban Affairs and Planning
Godwin, Dawn V. Collaboration as a Tool for Creating Sustainable Natural Resource Based Economies in Rural Areas Urban Affairs and Planning
Gorder, Joel Steven Statewide Watershed Management Effects on Local Watershed Groups: A Comparison of Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
Gough, Meghan Zimmerman Country Ain't Country No More: A Typology of the Nation's Fast-Growing Peripheral Counties Urban Affairs and Planning
[Mixed] Guo, Yong Hong China's Comprehensive Planning Practice, its Evolution, and Prospects Urban Affairs and Planning
Gurova, Galina Ratcheva Fiscal Decentralization and Municipal Budget Policy in Countries with Economies in Transition: omparing Local Revenue Systems Urban Affairs and Planning
Gusler, John Frederick 'Toilets in the Veld': Similarities in the Housing Policy of the New South Africa and the former Apartheid State. Urban Affairs and Planning
Guthrie, Dwayne Pierce Understanding Urban, Metropolitan and Megaregion Development to Improve Transportation Governance Urban Affairs and Planning
Halich, Gregory Stewart Equity Issues in Farmland Preservation Urban Affairs and Planning
Harders, Marian B. Planning for Retail Urban Affairs and Planning
Holst, David J. Statewide Watershed Protection and Local Implementation: A Comparison of Washington, Minnesota, and Oregon Urban Affairs and Planning
Housein, John Gabriel Endangered Species and Safe Harbor Agreements: How Should They Be Used? Urban Affairs and Planning
Howard, Eric John Bring the form back to planning: Using urban form characteristics to improve the predictability of transportation mode choice models Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Howard, Lesley Membership representation in the issue-focus selection process of national environmental nonprofit organizations Urban Affairs and Planning
Huang, Wei Environmental Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment in the Pearl River Delta Urban Affairs and Planning
Hudak, Tracy A. Addressing Barriers to Brownfield Redevelopment: An Analysis of CERCLA and the Voluntary Cleanup Programs of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan Urban Affairs and Planning
Ieuter, Toby C A Template to Enhance Regional Water Supply Planning Urban Affairs and Planning
Johnson, Charlotte Charlene Defining Eligible Families in Public housing and Welfare: the Traditions, Values, and Legalities of Family Form Urban Affairs and Planning
Jones, Melissa Kay Diversity and Economic Development in Urban Neighborhoods: A Case Analysis of Columbia City, Seattle Urban Affairs and Planning
Kanter, Theresa Elizabeth Exploring Collaboration between Regional Planning and Public Health in Southwest Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
[VT] Lee, Kwang-Sub Public Participation GIS: Applications in Community-Based Environmental Protection Urban Affairs and Planning
Li, Tieying Residential Renewal in Old Chinese Cities Since 1979 - under the transition from central-planned to market-driven economy Urban Affairs and Planning
Lipscomb, Monica Renee A Critical Analysis of Indicators of Community-based Watershed Initiatives Urban Affairs and Planning
Lohr, Amy M Considerations, Process, and Practice for Bicycle Planning Urban Affairs and Planning
Lyon-Hill, Sarah E Building Governance Capacity in Rural Niger: A Study of Decentralization and Good Governance Policy as Experienced in a Local Village Urban Affairs and Planning
Matthews, Elizabeth Joy Ecotourism: Are current practices delivering desired outcomes? A comparative case study analysis Urban Affairs and Planning
McCann, Jessica Hulse Does New Urbanist/Neo Traditional Designs Deliver On Promises to Affect Modal Choice and Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] McCarthy, Deborah Marie Towards a "people centered" approach to participatory planning :analysis of the grass root level conflict over waste facility siting Urban Affairs and Planning
[VT] McClellan, Robert Eric Gated Communities: Gating Out Crime? Urban Affairs and Planning
Mil-Homens, Joao Labeling Schemes or Labeling Scams? Auditors’ Perspectives on ISO 14001 Certification Urban Affairs and Planning
Mil-Homens, Joao Loureiro Voluntary Environmental Initiatives: Sponsorship and Stakeholder Involvement Urban Affairs and Planning
Miller-McClellan, Jennifer Lynn A Comparative Study of the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program and Process in Virginia and Kansas: Possible Outcomes and Effects upon Stakeholders Urban Affairs and Planning
Morrow, Melissa Josephine Affordable Housing Policy: Integration of Land Use Tools and the Role of State Growth Management Urban Affairs and Planning
Mouras, Steven L. Campus Master Planning; A Need for Standards Urban Affairs and Planning
Nabar, Maneesha Mangesh A Framework for a Multi-Participant Gis Program Urban Affairs and Planning
Olsson, Jeanette Women Refugees and Integration into U.S. society: The Case of Women from Bosnia and the Former Yugoslavia who Resettled in the United States Urban Affairs and Planning
Park, Hyunsoo Environmentally Friendly Land Use Planning, Property Rights, and Public Participation in South Korea: A Case Study of Greenbelt Policy Reform Urban Affairs and Planning
Parsons, Ashley Elise Inner-City Children and Environmental Equity: Evidence from Philadelphia Urban Affairs and Planning
Paulson, Joanna Marie Rural Planning and Zoning Adoption in the United States Urban Affairs and Planning
Peery, Stephen Seth Producer Network Effects for Rural Economic Development: An Investigation into the Economic Development Potential of Information Production as a Firm-Level Effect of Broadband Telecommunications in Rural Areas Urban Affairs and Planning
Pheley, Paula Jean The Potential for Intersectoral Collaboration in Addressing Rural Health Needs Urban Affairs and Planning
Plotnikova, Maria The Effect of a Capital Budget on Capital Spending in the U.S. States Urban Affairs and Planning
Polishuk, Amy Christine An Evaluation of the Impact of InterAction's PVO Standards on Small Member Organizations Urban Affairs and Planning
Preston IV, Charles Putnam Drugs and Conflict in Colombia: a Policy Framework Analysis of Plan Colombia Urban Affairs and Planning
Quach, Thu Thi The Crisis in Darfur: an Analysis of Its Origins and Storylines Urban Affairs and Planning
Raftery, Kelley Lynne A Comparative Analysis of Wellhead Protection: Virginia and Massachusetts Urban Affairs and Planning
Robertson, Sean Thomas Small-Scale Forest-Based Enterprises: Benefiting Rural Livelihoods in Developing Countries Urban Affairs and Planning
Sadagopan, Gayathri Devi Web-Based Geographic Information Systems: Public Participation in Virtual Decision Making Environments Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Santiago, Deborah A Citizens' housing solution preferences in two communities :Esperanza Andina, Chile and Cayo Hueso, Cuba Urban Affairs and Planning
Sharp, Jeremy E. An Examination of the Form-Based Code and its Application to the Town of Blacksburg Urban Affairs and Planning
Shasby, Benjamin Matthew Alternative Fuels: Incompletely Addressing the Problems of the Automobile Urban Affairs and Planning
[VT] Silva, Elda Maria Women's empowerment in informal settlements of the Peruvian Amazon frontier. A case study of 9 de Octubre, Pucallpa-Peru Urban Affairs and Planning
Slingerland, George The Effect of the "No Surprises" Policy on Habitat Conservation Planning and the Endangered Species Act Urban Affairs and Planning
Smith, Andrea Lynn Healthy Communities DESIGNING, PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING Urban Affairs and Planning
Sridhar, Vidya Watershed Management: A Comparative Study of Recreational Use Conflicts and Community Involvement Urban Affairs and Planning
St.Jean, David Bryan A Guideline for Establishing Local Energy-Efficiency Programs in Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
Stewart, Khalilah Maurine Trends, Factors and Public Policy Influences on the Greening of Industry: A Review of the Automobile and Building Sectors Urban Affairs and Planning
Suryavanshi, Vinay M. Land use and Opportunities for Crime: Using GIS as an Analysis Tool Urban Affairs and Planning
Telleria, Gabriel Martin Socio-Economic Impacts of Micro-enterprise Credit in the Informal Sector of Managua, Nicaragua Urban Affairs and Planning
Van Houweling, Emily Anne Diversification and Differentiation: The Livelihood Experience of Men and Women in Samene Urban Affairs and Planning
Wakchaure, Ashwini S An ArcView tool for simulating Land Subdivision for Build Out Analysis Urban Affairs and Planning
Whipple, Michael D. Smart Growth's Weak Link: An Analytical Evaluation of Water and Sewer Planning in Maryland Urban Affairs and Planning
Whitaker, Aliana Marie The Internationalization of Higher Education: A US Perspective Urban Affairs and Planning
Wilcox, Janel Lynn Case Study of the Generation Connection Program: An Intergenerational Program Transfer Initiative Urban Affairs and Planning
Winter, Laura L Designing a Sense of Community: The Use of Neo-Traditional Design Elements in Public Housing Urban Affairs and Planning
Zellmer, David B. The Knowledgeable City: A Networked, Knowledge-Based Strategy for Local Governance and Urban Development Urban Affairs and Planning
Zirkle, Mary A Build-Out Analysis as a Planning Tool With a Demonstration for Roanoke County, Virginia Urban Affairs and Planning
[BTD] Smith, Eugene McTyere The role of the environmental manager in the Air Force. Urban Affairs in Administration
[BTD] Basaib, Ridhwan The growth and characteristics of peri-urban communities :a case study in Jakarta, Indonesia Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Boelens, Lyle A Socioeconomic stratification and differentiation of the modern peasantry :a longitudinal analysis of small farmers in Röndonia, Brazil Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Butts, Jeffery Hornor The Virginia Beach response to implementing the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Ordinance Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Chattopadhyay, Basundhara Towards an understanding of vernacular domestic habitation Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Chew, Tracy A case study of the role of six Catholic social agencies as mediating structures in social welfare service provision in Virginia Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Culpepper, Jennie Bob Bizal The changing community/industry relationship in resource-oriented boom towns :a case study of the Overthrust Industrial Association Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Flora, Paul Richard A comparison of energy self-reliance and industrial development using an input-output model Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Fors, William C. Planning beyond park bouundaries to protect scenic resources within park viewshields Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Gilroy, Leonard State policy effects on sulfur dioxide emission allowance trading Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Givans, Troy K. How to compete effectively for grants Urban and Regional Planning
[VT] Grisanaputi, Wipawee Gender Discrimination in the Thai Workplace: a Case Study of Textile Company, Khon Kaen, Thailand Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Hart-Schubert, Patrice An evaluation of sensory comfort components of survey questionnaries used for indoor environment problems in buildings Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Holladay, David R. Opporunities for coordinated road management on public lands for purposes of ecosystem management :the case of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Huang, Shaoli Geographic Information Systems (GSI) for natural resources planning and management at local government level Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Kan, Claudia Yim-fun A methodology for parsimoniously structuring a set of activities Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Libberton, Sean Gordon Characteristics of new town travel revisited :an update of the Morgan-Dickey study of Reston, Virginia Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Martell, Christine Renée Women's work and household income :evidence from Bangkok's urban fringe Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] McClure, Edward E. An open space program for Virginia Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] McKalip, Frederick D Peri-urban development in Africa :a Kenyan case study Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Mitra, Amlan Developing an integrated risk management system in emergency management process Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Mugo, Susan Wambogo Citizens + vacant lots=community open space :a case study of the Union Settlement Community Garden, East Harlem, New York City Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Naito, Tsuyoshi Life quality recovery :progress towards life styles in which people find value Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Narayana, Jayashree Violations of land use and building regulations :evidence from a case study in Bangalore, India Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Nguyen, Vinh T Rural water supply in the Virginia coalfield counties Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Patet, Nisha Women in the construction labor force :women's participation in the construction sector in India Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Pinnock, Howard A A proposed framework for an embryonic environmental review process for Jamaicaby Howard A. Pinnock. Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Rao, Mala R Builders in the private sector :a case study of Bangalore, India Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Shah, Jignesh I Modeling land suitability for the Tom's Creek Basin, Blacksburg using Geographic Information System Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Shaw, Melissa Jane A comparison of preservation planning techniques :two case studies Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Slack, Rebecca A Open space preservation in rural residential development Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] Smith, Tracy L Habitat conservation planning under the Endangered Species Act :is it ecosystem management? Urban and Regional Planning
[BTD] You, Xia A concept database for environmental planning Urban and Regional Planning

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