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Clayton Christopher Hodges

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Resistance to Flow Through Riparian Wetlands

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May 16, 1997

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Master's Thesis

Master of Science

Civil Engineering


Increasing interest in the role of wetlands in pollutant removal, flood plain management, and sedimentation in recent years has prompted research into hydraulic processes inherent to these systems. The research described in this thesis focuses on flow processes within ecosystems known as riparian wetlands. An attempt has been made to summarize existing research in this field to ensure that a contribution will be made to the field of hydraulics. Included in this thesis are results from laboratory models investigating flow through vegetation in riparian wetlands. Particular emphasis in this research has been placed on velocity profile measurement of flow within vegetation. Measurements were taken within various density configuration of rigid simulated vegetation for emergent and submerged cases. In addition, many of the experiments tested the effect on the velocity profile when two distinct layers of vegetation are present. The results described herein should aid in visualization of flow processes within riparian wetlands.

velocity profiles, wetlands

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