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Cesar A. Morales Velasco

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Substructure Synthesis Analysis and Hybrid Control Design for Buildings under Seismic Excitation

Date of defense:
April 18, 1997

Document Type:
PhD Dissertation

Doctor of Philosophy

Engineering Science and Mechanics


We extend the application of the substructure synthesis method to more complex structures, and establish a design methodology for base isolation and active control in a distributed model of a building under seismic excitation. Our objective is to show that passive and active control complement each other in such an advantageous manner for the case at hand, that simple devices for both types of control are sufficient to achieve excellent response characteristics with very low control forces.

The Rayleigh-Ritz based substructure synthesis method proved to be highly successful in analyzing a structure more complex than the ones previously analyzed with it. Comparing the responses of the hybridly controlled building and the conventional fixed building under El Centro excitation, we conclude that the stresses are reduced by 99.6 %, the base displacement is reduced by 91.7 % and the required control force to achieve this is 1.1 % of the building weight.

Substructure Synthesis, Base Isolation, Structural Control, Hybrid Control, Earthquake Engineering

In 3 months.

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