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J. Joseph Miller

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Quality and Competence: An Analysis of the Role of Millís Qualitative Hedonism on his Conception of Representative Democracy

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April 15, 1997

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Master's Thesis

Master of Arts



Traditionally, John Stuart Mill has been described as a transitional thinker who fails to fully understand the values he espouses. Critics contend that he cannot simultaneously espouse both utility maximization and the protection of individual choice-making as a non-trumpable value. Like his moral philosophy, Millís political thought is also rejected for interspersing, seemingly at random, elements of utilitarianism with concerns about respecting individual choice-making. More recent attempts to bring Millís commitment to utilitarianism into line with his respect for individual choice-making are not wholly successful. In this thesis, I offer an interpretation of Millís moral philosophy which reconciles the tension between utility maximization and respect for individual choice-making as a non-trumpable value. In addition, I argue that my interpretation of Millís moral philosophy also allows us to interpret his political thought.

John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism, Individual Choice-Making, Competence, Participation, Representative Democracy

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