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Brian W. Rieger

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Physiological and Metabolic Responses to Constant-Load Exercise on an Inclined Stepper and Treadmill

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March 25, 1997

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Master's Thesis

Master of Science

Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise


PHYSIOLOGICAL AND METABOLIC RESPONSES TO CONSTANT-LOAD EXERCISE ON AN INCLINED STEPPER AND TREADMILL by Brian W. Rieger Dr. Shala Davis, Chairman Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (ABSTRACT) This study evaluated oxygen uptake (VO2), heart rate (HR), and lactate [HLa] responses between the treadmill (TM) and the CardiosquatTM 1650 LETM inclined stepper by StairMasterTM (SM) during constant-load exercise. The slow component of VO2 (SC) was a central variable assessed during exercise. Twenty-two healthy college-aged (18-30) subjects completed an incremental TM and SM exercise test to establish a workload equivalent to 70% VO2peak. Following each incremental test, a 20-minute constant-load exercise bout was performed . Incremental and constant-load exercise bouts were separated by at least 48 hours. The order of the tests were randomized. VO2, HR, and [HLa] were evaluated at 5, 10, 15, and 20-minutes of exercise. Expired gases were analyzed using a Med Graphics CPX/D metabolic cart. Blood samples were analyzed immediately for lactate concentration with an automated lactate analyzer (Yellow Springs Instrument Model 1500 Sport ). A two-way ANOVA with repeated measures was performed on the rate of change between the treadmill and stepper for VO2, HR, and [HLa]. No significant differences were found for any of the response variables (P>0.05). These results suggest at that the same relative workload, the SM does not elicit a more pronounced SC than the TM. Based on these findings, the SM appears to be an appropriate modality of exercise for various clinical populations.

stepper, incremental, maximal exercise

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