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Shane D. Sidebottom

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Effects of Illumination and Viewing Angle on the Modeling of Flicker Perception in CRT Displays

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March 21, 1997

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Master's Thesis

Master of Science

Industrial and Systems Engineering


This study evaluated the usefulness of a psychophysical model as part of a new ANSI/HFES 100 standard for CRT flicker. A graph based flicker prediction method developed from Farrell, 1987 was evaluated. The Farrell model is based on phosphor persistence, screen luminance, display size, and viewing distance. The graph based method assumes a worse case scenario (i.e. a white display screen shown on a display with P4 phosphor). While the Farrell model requires photometric measurements to be taken using special equipment, the graph based method require a knowledge of the display size, viewing distance, screen luminance, and refresh rate. Ten participants viewed different display sizes from different eccentricities under different levels of illumination and luminance. In each condition the display's refresh rate was manipulated using the Method of Limits to determine the critical flicker frequency (CFF). An Analysis of Variance was used to detirmine significant effects on CFF. CFF increased with increasing luminance and display size. Adequate illumination significantly increased CFF. A viewing eccentricity of 30 degrees (measured horizontally from the center of the screen) produced the highest CFF values. Under the conditions of 30 degrees eccentricity and 250 to 500 lux illumination, observed 50% CFF threshold values exceeded the 90% CFF threshold values predicted by the graph based method. This study demonstates that when tested under the same conditions it was developed under, the Farrell method successfully predicts flicker perception; however, when tested under conditions representative of real world working conditions, the Farrell model fails to predict flicker perception. New parameters for the model are suggested.

Flicker, Critical Fusion Frequency, CFF, Illuminance, Luminance, CRT

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