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Sunil Kabra

Master's Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Virginia Tech in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Master of Science


Electrical Engineering


Dr. Arun G. Phadke, Chair
Dr. Yilu Liu
Dr. Jaime De La Ree

January 24, 1997
Blacksburg, Virginia


The objective of this study is to investigate the application of Synchronized Phasor Measurement techniques in real time estimation of power system phasors. The WSCC System is a very large power system network constituted by a number of electric utilitie s and power companies. The system was analysed and equivalents developed to suit the purpose of this project. Using these equivalents, the system was simulated for various contingencies to analyze its behaviour. The purpose is to develop a technique for e stimating the voltage phasors at all major substation buses of the system from a limited number of available real time phasors at a fixed set of substations. The system load flow was computed for various possible loading situations. Various loading patter ns were created around a base summer time load flow case. Using the results from these computations, an empirical relationship was developed between phasors from a fixed set of locations and the unknown phasors at the rest of the system buses.

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