Communications Project

Document Type:Master's Thesis
Name:Fred Clarence Wallace III
Title:Reciprocity- a Design Thesis
Degree:Master of Architecture
Committee Chair: Pia Sarpaneva
Chair's email:
Committee Members:Joseph L. Mashburn
V. Hunter Pittman
Pia Sarpaneva
Keywords:Blacksburg Virginia, middle school addition
Date of defense:January 28, 1998
Availability:Release the entire work immediately worldwide.


There are two objects to which this book points: One- a process in which both the designer and the designed take part. The process was “sensed” in the making of the book itself, and the thesis was named. The book is at once an expression of this process, and a part of the process expressed. Its nature is a result of a relationship described as reciprocal. The other- a building. In designing an addition to the Blacksburg Virginia Middle School, thoughts about light and surface, ground and figure, earth and sky guided decisions made in the process. The result is regarded as both created and discovered.

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