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Document Type:Master's Thesis
Name:Ann Cindy Wilson
Title:Expected Vibration Performance of Wood Floors As Affected by MSR vs. VSR Lumber E-Distribution
Degree:Master of Engineering
Department:Biological Systems Engineering
Committee Chair: Frank Woeste
Committee Members:J. Dan Dolan
John V. Perumpral
Keywords:vibration performance of wood floors, machine stress-rated lumber, visually stress rated lumber, modulus of elasticity
Date of defense:May 4, 1998
Availability:Release the entire work immediately worldwide.


A simulation study was done to investigate the effect of the coefficient of variation of the modulus of elasticity ((E) on the vibrational performance of joist floor systems. Eight floor cases were studied and two types of lumber were considered: MSR and VSR lumber where (E is 0.11 and 0.25, respectively. The expected floor vibrational performance of MSR versus VSR lumber floors was evaluated by: 1) the probability that the fundamental frequency is less than 10 Hz and 2) the ratio of the first percentile of predicted fundamental frequency of MSR to VSR lumber.

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