Communications Project

Document Type:Dissertation
Name:Oleg Lebedev
Title:Spontaneous CP-Violation in Two Higgs Doublet Supersymmetric Models
Degree:Doctor of Philosophy
Committee Chair: Lay Nam Chang
Committee Members:Brian K. Dennison
Tetsuro Mizutani
Tatsu Takeuchi
Chia H. Tze
Keywords:spontaneous symmetry breaking, supersymmetry, axion, radiative corrections, CP-violation
Date of defense:July 8, 1998
Availability:Release the entire work immediately worldwide.


An alternative approach to the problem of CP-violation is presented. It is based on the possibility of spontaneous CP-breakdown in models with two Higgs doublets. General features of the phenomenon such as stability of the vacuum and the existence of a light axion are discussed. We investigate the feasibility of spontaneously broken CP in the minimal supersymmetric models - the MSSM and NMSSM. The latter is shown to be experimentally viable. The phenomenological implications of the model such as CP-violating effects in the kaon systems and a nonzero neutron electric dipole moment are studied.

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