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Document Type:Master's Thesis
Name:Robyn Lisa Hohauser
Title:The Social Construction of Technology: The Case of LSD
Degree:Master of Science
Department:Science and Technology Studies
Committee Chair: Ellsworth R. Fuhrman
Chair's email:FUHRMAN@VT.EDU
Committee Members:
Keywords:LSD, Social Construction, Technology
Date of defense:February, 1995
Availability:Release the entire work immediately worldwide.


In this study, I use SCOT (Social Construction of Technology) theories to trace the history of lysergic acid diethylamide-25, which is commonly known as LSD. I show how the technological system of LSD corresponds to phases designated by SCOT theorist Thomas Hughes, specifically invention, development, innovation, growth, competition, and consolidation. I explain the importance of Timothy Leary and the CIA in the social construction of the LSD system, and their influences on the transformation of LSD from a chemical technology to a highly controversial drug. Finally, I discuss the fate of LSD research today, its usage among members of the public, especially youngsters, and the usefulness of SCOT theories for this study.

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