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Document Type:Dissertation
Name:David J. Holleran
Title:Team building in an Elementary School: A Descriptive Case Study
Degree:Doctor of Education
Committee Chair: Dr. Patrick Carlton
Committee Members:Dr. David Parks
Dr. Stephen Parson
Dr. Robert Richards
Dr. Richard Moore
Keywords:Team building, Decision making, Elementary School
Date of defense:October 3, 1997
Availability:Release the entire work immediately worldwide.


TEAM BUILDING IN AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: A DESCRIPTIVE CASE STUDY David J. Holleran (ABSTRACT) The purpose of this study was to examine the team-building process implemented in an elementary school. Research questions were developed on what team-building activities took place, when the activities took place, what expenses were involved, what the outcomes were, and what the reactions of the staff were towards team building activities implemented at the school. Twenty-five members of the staff including the principal, several teachers, a secretary, several custodial workers, and several cafeteria workers were interviewed to answer the questions above. The responses were categorized and organized into data matrices by question. School documents were reviewed to corroborate responses. A list of these documents was compiled. Information from the data matrices and document review were used to develop findings which formed the basis for the conclusions of this study. Several conclusions were drawn. The study indicated that team-building was an on-going process. Major activities took place at all-day team-building sessions with follow-up sessions during the year. Team building required a commitment of time. Most team-building activities took place outside of regular school hours. The principal facilitated the team-building process. The problems of expenses and meeting locations for team-building activities were handled by the principal. The team-building methods and outcomes in this study were similar to those found in current literature. The majority of the staff in this study reacted positively to the team-building process. Many staff members noted that it was a worthwhile experience.

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