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  1. Weed Management Programs in Potato, Transplanted Tomato and Transplanted Pepper with Rimsulfuron and Other Herbicides
  2. John A. Ackley
  3. An Investigation of Navigation Processes in Human Locomotor Behavior
  4. Christi J. Adams
  5. An Ongoing Dialogue. . .
  6. Nicole Adams
  7. The Industrial College of the Armed Forces: Contextual Analysis of an Evolving Mission, 1924-1994
  8. Francis W. A'Hearn
  9. Fermion Quantum Field Theory In Black-hole Spacetimes
  10. Syed Alwi B. Ahmad
  11. Receiver Implementations for a CDMA Cellular System
  12. George Aliftiras
  13. Design Methodology for Physical Design for Testability
  14. Salahuddin A. Almajdoub
  15. Mixed-Integer Mathematical Programming Optimization Models and Algorithms for an Oil Tanker Routing and Scheduling Problem
  16. Salem Mohammed Al-Yakoob
  17. Investigation of Steel Joist Supported Wood Floor Systems
  18. Alaric Lee Anderson
  19. Mechanistic Studies on the Monoamine Oxidase B Catalyzed Oxidation of 1,4-Disubstituted Tetrahydropyridine Derivatives
  20. Andrea H. Anderson
  21. Analysis, Design and Performance Evaluation of Optical Fiber Spectrum-Sliced WDM Systems
  22. Vivek Arya
  23. Model Updating Using Neural Networks
  24. Mauro J. Atalla

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  25. A Disturbance-Rejection Problem for a 2-D Airfoil Exhibiting Flutter
  26. Thomas R. Bail
  27. Assessment of the Expression of Brucella Abortus Heat Shock Protein, Groel, in Vaccinia Virus to Induce Protection Against a Brucella Challenge in Balb/C Mice
  28. Simge Baloglu
  29. A Generalized Analysis of Multiple-Clad Optical Fibers with Arbitrary Step-Index Profiles and Applications
  30. Taha Mohamed Barake
  31. Small-Group Leader Assignment: Effects Across Different Degrees of Task Interdependence
  32. Kevin J. Basik
  33. A User-Extensible Architecture for Visualization and Analysis of Time-Series Trace Data
  34. Alan L. Batongbacal
  35. Preconditioning of Karush--Kuhn--Tucker Systems Arising in Optimal Control Problems
  36. Astrid Battermann
  37. Development of Alternative Crab Claw Processing Systems to Minimize Environmental Impact
  38. Jennifer Lyn Benning
  39. Habitat Requirements and Foraging Ecology of the Madagascar Fish-Eagle
  40. James Berkelman
  41. A Microcomputer Simulation to Evaluate Management Strategies For Rearing Dairy Replacements
  42. Greg L. Bethard
  43. Crisis Management in the Delivery of Women's Reproductive Health Care: Responding to Social Activism
  44. Maureen P. Bezold
  45. A Case-Based Reasoner for Evaluating Crop Rotations in Whole-Farm Planning
  46. Prabhakar V. V Bhogaraju
  47. Wormhole Run-Time Reconfiguration: Conceptualization and VLSI Design of a High Performance Computing System
  48. Ray A. Bittner Jr.
  49. Optimal Design of an Enclosure for a Portable Generator
  50. Joseph E Blanks
  51. The Structure and Polarization Properties of the SiO Masers in the Extended Atmosphere of R Aquarii
  52. David Allen Boboltz Jr
  53. A Methodology, Based on a Language's Properties, for the Selection and Validation of a Suite of Software Metrics
  54. Roger P. Bodnar Jr.
  55. Implementation of Constrained Control Allocation Techniques Using an Aerodynamic Model of an F-15 Aircraft
  56. John Glenn Bolling
  57. Bifurcation Analysis of a Model of the Frog Egg Cell Cycle
  58. Mark T. Borisuk
  59. The Effects Daily, Maximal of Resistance Exercise on Muscular Function
  60. Kristina L. Bowser
  61. A Load-Deflection Study of Fiber-Reinforced Plastics as Reinforcement in Concrete Bridge Decks
  62. Curtis Barton Boyd
  63. Role of CD44, Fas Ligand, and Perforin in the Cytotoxicity Mediated by Natural Killer Cells
  64. Michael Joseph Bradley
  65. Constructing a Successful Therapeutic Experience with Adolescent Clients: A Qualitative Study of Adolescent Experiences in Family Therapy
  66. Kevin Dee Broderick
  67. The Development of a Computer Adaptive Test Of the Five Factor Model of Personality: Applications and Extensions
  68. Reagan Brown
  69. Parallelization of the Euler Equations on Unstructured Grids
  70. Christopher William Stuteville Bruner
  71. Applying Probabilistic Risk Assessment to Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution
  72. Sharon Perkins Buck

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  73. Economic Comparisons Between an Even-Aged and an Uneven-Aged Loblolly Pine Silvicultural System
  74. Michael J. Cafferata
  75. Fixed-Point Implementation of a Multistage Receiver
  76. Rick A. Cameron
  77. The Habitat Ecology of Bog Turtles (Clemmys muhlenbergii) in Southwestern Virginia
  78. Shawn L. Carter
  79. Effective Lengths of Web-Tapered Columns in Rigid Metal Building Frames
  80. Charles William Cary, III
  81. Mechanics of Fiber-Controlled Behavior in Polymeric Composite Materials
  82. Scott Wayne Case
  83. The Limits of Law as Technology for Environmental Policy: A Case Study of the Bronx Community Paper Company
  84. Mary E. Cato
  85. Solution Representation and Identification for Singular Neutral Functional Differential Equations
  86. Graciela M. Cerezo
  87. Influence of Isoxaben Application Timing on Dissipation and Broadleaf Weed Control in Turf
  88. Rakesh Sarasamma Chandran
  89. Effective Use of MRP-Type Computer Systems to Support Manufacturing
  90. Patty W. Cheng
  91. Verification and Configuration of a Run-time Reconfigurable Custom Computing Integrated Circuit for DSP Applications
  92. Mark F. Cherbaka
  93. The Effects of Technology Education,Science, and Mathematics Integration Upon Eighth Grader's Technological Problem-Solving Ability
  94. Vincent William Childress
  95. From Two Packets to One: Increasing the Performance of Linda-LAN
  96. Jason L. Christian
  97. Analysis of Three Dimensional Turbulent Shear Flow Experiments with Respect to Algebraic Modeling Parameters
  98. David S. Ciochetto
  99. Influence of the Interphase on the Mechanical Properties of Nylon 66 Composites
  100. Richard L. Clark, Jr.
  101. Synthetic Routes to 3-Fold Symmetric Tridentate Oxygen Donor Ligands
  102. Margo Clevenger
  103. The Humoral Immune Response of Elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) and Mice to Vaccination with Brucella abortus Strain RB51
  104. Lesley A. Colby
  105. An Examination of Driver Performance under Reduced Visibility Conditions when Using an In-Vehicle Signing Information System (ISIS)
  106. Dennis James Collins
  107. Optimal Analysis of Sulfonamides from Biological Matrices Using Supercritical Fluids
  108. Michael T. Combs
  109. Design of User-Weight-Based Exercise Machines
  110. Dana Joseph Coombs
  111. Cemetery Siting in the Bluestone Reservation Area, Summers County, West Virginia: 1750-1997
  112. Rebecca K. Cottle
  113. Bodies of Knowledge: The Influence of Slaves on the Antebellum Medical Community
  114. Sarah Mitchell Cotton
  115. Evaluation of MIRE Testing Methods for Rating of an Open-Back Active Noise Reduction Headset
  116. Matthew B. Cro
  117. Confidence Interval Estimation for Distribution Systems Power Consumption by using the Bootstrap Method
  118. Pierre Cugnet
  119. Technique for Repeatable Hyperosmotic Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in the Dog
  120. Britt Wayne Culver
  121. "Can these Be the Sons of Their Fathers?" The Defense of Slavery in Virginia, 1831-1832
  122. Christopher M. Curtis

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  123. The Use of Developmental Advising Models by Professional Academic Advisors
  124. Melissa L. Daller
  125. Interaction of Cognitive Style and Learner Control of Presentation Mode in a Hypermedia Environment
  126. Harold Lee Daniels
  127. Ethics Education in Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Programs
  128. Jean Elizabeth Lucas Daniels
  129. The Effects of Multiple Listing on Bid-Ask Spreads for Equity Options
  130. Michelle A. Danis
  131. SMA-Induced Deformations in General Unsymmetric Laminates
  132. Marie-Laure Dano
  133. A Study of Inhomogeneities and Anisotropies in Superconductors via Ginzburg-Landau Type Models
  134. Jennifer Marie Deang
  135. NUCARS Modeling of a Freight Locomotive with Steerable Trucks
  136. Michael DeLorenzo
  137. Analysis of Quantitative Electroencephalographic and Cardiovascular Responses to Stress Among Low- and High-Hostiles
  138. Heath Allan Demaree
  139. Membrane Domain of Plant 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a Reductase:Targeting, Topology, and Function
  140. Cynthia Jones Denbow
  141. Grain Sorghum Field Emergence and Seed Vigor Tests
  142. Cezar Ernesto Detoni
  143. A Tutorial on Authorware
  144. David R. DeVaux
  145. Mixed Gas Transport Study Through Polymeric Membranes: A Novel Technique
  146. Sukhtej Singh Dhingra
  147. Chemical Identification and Organoleptic Evaluation of Iodine and Iodinated Disinfection By-Products Associated with Treated Spacecraft Drinking Water
  148. Jennifer Peters Dodd
  149. Student Use of Information Sources About Student Activities
  150. Paul Matthew Dolezel
  151. The Role of the Citizen's Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes as an Agent of Adult Education in the Environmental Justice Movement from 1981-1995
  152. Becky L. Domokos-Bays
  153. "Sisson's Kingdom" Loyality Divisions in Floyd County, Virginia, 1861-1865
  154. Paul Randolph Dotson, Jr.
  155. odb/"> Tools Project Report
  156. Fred L. Drake, Jr.
  157. A Design Methodolo gy for Creating Programmable Logic-based Real-time Image Processing Hardware
  158. Thomas Hudson Drayer
  159. Library
  160. Ronald E. Dulaney,Jr.
  161. Adult Education in Civil War Richmond January 1861-April 1865
  162. John L. Dwyer

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  163. Online Support Group: Extending Communities of Concern
  164. Susan L. Eaglesham
  165. Designing, Piloting, and Evaluating the Interdisciplinary Internet Module-Healthy Hearts for Intermediate Grade Children
  166. Eloise McClung Elliott
  167. Internal Damping Rates of Construction Cranes
  168. Paul T. Ely
  169. Effects of Interface Format, Feedback Style, and System Lag on the Usability of Hand-Held Internet Controllers
  170. Feyza F. Ergen
  171. Stress and Fatique Analysis of SVI-Tested CamshaftLobes
  172. Jose Alejandro Escobar
  173. Development of a Computerized Version of the Universal Soil Loss Equation and the USGS Pollutant Loading Functions
  174. Kenneth Espiritu
  175. Programs on Paper: An Examination of Virginia's Service Delivery Area Job Training Partnership Act Title II-A Job Training Plans
  176. Gwynnen Stokes Evans
  177. Factors Influencing African Americans To Select Teaching Careers In Vocational Education And Experiences That Relate To Their Progress In Vocational Teacher Licensure Programs
  178. Jewel Lynn Evans
  179. Studies of Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Western Virginia Streams as Related to the Implementation of Rapid Bioassessment Techniques
  180. Shane Kent Evans

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  181. The Effect of Ozone on Diesel Soot Precursors
  182. Inga L. Faison
  183. It's All About Relationships: African-American and European-American Women's Hotel Management Careers
  184. Angela L. Farrar
  185. Evaluation of a "Floating" Aerobics Floor
  186. Craig M. Favor
  187. Efficient Low-Speed Flight in a Wind Field
  188. Michael A. Feldman
  189. Numerical Simulation of Microwave Sintering of Zinc Oxide
  190. Patrick Fischer
  191. Efficacy of the Bromsulfophthalein (BSP) 30-minute Retention Test for the Diagnosis of Hepatobiliary Disease in Dogs
  192. Bente Flatland
  193. Improving the Performance of the World Wide Web over Wireless Networks
  194. Todd B. Fleming
  195. The Effects of Temperature on the Durability of Resistance of Soybean to Soybean Mosaic Virus
  196. Jonathan P. Flora
  197. Synthesis Fundamentals Seminar: Testing the Instructional Project Development and Management (IPDM) Model"
  198. Christian Fowler
  199. Application of the Filtered-X LMS Algorithm for Disturbance Rejection in Time-Periodic Systems
  200. Leslie Paige Fowler
  201. The Management of Justice through Accounts: Constructing Acceptable Justifications
  202. Francis M. Frey

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  203. Scandalous Beginnings: Witch Trials to Witch City
  204. Heather Elizabeth Gagnon
  205. Studies on Conura torvina (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) Reproduction and Biology in Relation to Hosts in Brassica Crops
  206. David N. Gaines
  207. Delipidation Treatments for Large-Scale Protein Purification Processing
  208. Tara Conti Gardner
  209. Development of a Sensor for Inflight Detection of Three-Dimensional Flow Separation on a Wing
  210. Norman Wesley Gimbert II
  211. Aircraft Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Using Design of Experiments Theory and Response Surface Modeling Methods
  212. Anthony A. Giunta
  213. Variable-Complexity Approximations for Aerodynamic Parameters in HSCT Optimization
  214. Oleg Golovidov
  215. Raman, Infrared, X-ray, and EELS Studies of Nanophase Titania
  216. Reinaldo J. Gonzalez
  217. Development of Web-Based Educational Modules for Testing VHDL Models of Digital Systems
  218. Sucharita Gopalakrishnan
  219. Profiles of Persistence: A Qualitative Study of Undergraduate Women in Engineering
  220. Leslie Pendleton Graham
  221. The Effects of Processing Conditions on Thermoplastic Prototypes Reinforced with Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymers
  222. Robert Williamson Gray IV
  223. IVDS Consumer Control Unit Evolution and Bar Code Interface Design
  224. Henry John Green
  225. The Outsider Within: Sense of Self in Jewish Feminist Women
  226. Phyllis A. Greenberg
  227. A Sociotechnical Approach to Evaluating the Effects of Managerial Time Allotment on Department Performance
  228. N. Delia Grenville
  229. Interfacial Adhesion Eva luation of Uniaxial Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer Composites by Vibration Damping of Cantilever Beam
  230. Weiqun Gu

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  231. The Effect of Decision Aids on Work Group Performance
  232. Marla E. Hacker
  233. A Study of Earth Radiation Budget Radiometric Channel Performance and Data Interpretation Protocols
  234. Martial P. A. Haeffelin
  235. Comparisons of Secondary Production, Life History, and Mouthpart Functional Morphology Between Two Populations of the Amphipod Gammarus minus
  236. Carol J. Haley
  237. Tacit Culture and Change: A Model of Change Constructed From Institutional Assumptions and Beliefs
  238. Alice A. Hall
  239. Seeing . Feeling . Remembering: The Making of an Appalachian Place
  240. Timothy P. Hannaway
  241. Investigation of Bond Strength and Watertightness of Asphalt Concrete Wearing Surfaces for Timber Bridge Decks
  242. John Emmanuel Haramis II
  243. Application of Bifurcation Theory to Subsynchronous Resonance in Power Systems
  244. Ahmad M. Harb
  245. Developing a Natural Resource Database for Geographic Information System
  246. Khaled M. Hassouna
  247. Restoration of Degraded Land: A Comparison of Structural and Functional Measurements of Recovery
  248. John Richard Heckman
  249. Use of Ultimate Load Theories for Design of Drilled Shaft Sound Wall Foundations
  250. Matthew Justin Helmers
  251. The Effects of Three Methods of Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) on Psychomotor Performance of College Students
  252. Mitchell E. Henke
  253. Petrologic and Fluid Inclusion Constraints on the Tectonic Evolution of the Manhattan Prong, Southeastern New York
  254. Adam T. Henry
  255. "Where Youth and Laughter Go:" Trench Warfare from Petersburg to the Western Front
  256. Richard H. Hephner
  257. Examination of Driver Lane Change Behavior and the Potential Effectiveness of Warning Onset Rules for Lane Change or "Side" Crash Avoidance Systems
  258. Shannon Hetrick
  259. Survival, Home Range and Spatial Relationships of Virginia's Exploited Black Bear Population
  260. Jennifer C. Higgins
  261. Video Technology and the Subjective Norm, Perceived Behavioral Control, and Attitudes Toward Physical Activity of Middle School Students: Does P.E. TV Make a Difference?
  262. Cathrine Himberg
  263. The Effect of the Major and Minor Mode in Music as a Mood Induction Procedure
  264. D. Michelle Hinn
  265. Resistance to Flow Through Riparian Wetlands
  266. Clayton Christopher Hodges
  267. Assessing Urban Non-Point Source Pollutants at the Virginia Tech Extended Dry Detention Pond
  268. Kimberly Jean Hodges
  269. Carbohydrate and Fat Supplementation in Grazing Mares and Foals
  270. Rhonda Michelle Hoffman
  271. Evaluation of Military Base Closure Alertnatives
  272. Gregory A. Hogan
  273. Social Construction of Technology: The Case of LSD
  274. Robyn Lisa Hohauser
  275. Investigation of the Structural Behavior of Asphalt/Wood Deck Systems for Girder Bridges
  276. Joseph Neil Howard
  277. Factors Influencing Physicians' Willingness to Substitute Generics for Brand-Names when Prescribing Antimicrobial Drugs
  278. Robert E. Howard
  279. Characterization of Electrochemical Interfaces by Infrared Spectroscopy
  280. Jimin Huang
  281. Harmonic Reduction In a Single-Switch Three-Phase Boost Rectifier With Harmonic-Injected PWM
  282. Qihong Huang
  283. The Determination of Lithospheric Rheology and Long-Term Interplate Coupling in Japan: Finite Element Modeling
  284. Shaosong Huang
  285. Mechanical Behavior of Adhesive Joints Subjected to Thermal Cycling
  286. G. Robert Humfeld, Jr.
  287. The Impact of the Iowa Franchise Law on Restaurant Franchisor Expansion Strategy:An Exploratory Study
  288. Angela L. M. Hurst

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  289. An Ephemeral Perspective of Fluvial Ecosystems: Viewing Ephemeral Rivers in the Context of Current Lotic Ecology
  290. Peter James Jacobson
  291. A Comparison of Early Childhood Assessments and a Standardized Measure for Program Evaluation
  292. Stephanie Hildegarde Zadro Jacobson
  293. Internal Control Mechanisms and Forced CEO Turnover: An Empirical Investigation
  294. Murali Jagannathan
  295. Predictors of Male Violence in Dating Relationships
  296. Allison Clifford Jeffrey
  297. An Examination of Moderators of Use of Violence by Adolescents
  298. Rosell L. Jeffries
  299. Monotonic and Cyclic Performance of Long Shear Walls with Openings
  300. Andrew C. Johnson
  301. Control of Broadband Acoustic Radiation from Structures Using a Piezoelectric Double-amplifier Active-skin
  302. Brody Dylan Johnson
  303. Faculty Teaching Goals at Senior Research Universities
  304. Lisa Dawn Johnson
  305. An Investigation of Fit, Style, and Accessibility of Ready-To-Wear Clothing for Tall Women
  306. Michelle Renee Jones
  307. Locating Structural Damage in Real Time Using Contrast Maximization
  308. Vikas Juneja
  309. All-fiber Spectral Filters Based on LP01 - LP11 Mode Coupling and Applications in Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Dispersion Compensation
  310. Jagannathan, Jyothikumar

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  311. A Technique for Estimating System-Wide Phasors in Real Time
  312. Sunil Kabra
  313. A Genetic Algorithm-Based Place-and-Route Compiler For A Run-time Reconfigurable Computing System
  314. Brian C. Kahne
  315. Water Soluble Phosphines, Their Transitional Metal Complexes, and Catalysts
  316. Jianxing Kang
  317. Correlation of Environmental Temperature, Precipitation, and Humidity with Salmonella Culture Results from Cattle in Virginia
  318. Kwankate Kanistanon
  319. Hydrogenase of Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824
  320. Murat Kasap
  321. Variable-Complexity Response Surface Approximations for Wing Structural Weight in HSCT Design
  322. Matthew Douglas Kaufman
  323. Algorithms and Orders for Finding Noncommutative GrÖbner Bases
  324. Benjamin J. Keller
  325. Productivity of the Regional Bell Operating Companies Under Rate-of-Return and Price-Cap Regulation
  326. Tracey Elizabeth Kelly
  327. Effects of Soil Amendments and Biostimulants on the Post-transplant Growth of Landscape Trees
  328. Matthew P. Kelting
  329. The Role of Information in Agricultural Marketing Decisions;Using Virginia's Soft Red Winter Wheat, Grain Sorghum and Barley, and Cotton Markets to Illustrate Three Different Aspects
  330. Carrie M. Kennedy
  331. Empirical Methods for Evaluating Video-Mediated Collaborative Work
  332. Jonathan K. Kies
  333. Democratization in South Korea during 1979-1987
  334. Dukhong Kim
  335. Iterated Grid Search Algorithm on Unimodal Criteria
  336. Jinhyo Kim
  337. Construction and Analysis of Linear Trend-Free Factorial Designs under a General Cost Structure
  338. Kiho Kim
  339. Management of Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) in Europe
  340. Sybille Klenzendorf
  341. Atomic Clock Augmentation for Receivers Using the Global Positioning System
  342. Paul A. Kline
  343. Insolation, Precipitation, and Moisture Maps for a Virginia Geographic Information System
  344. Scott Donald Klopfer
  345. Millimeter Through Visible Frequency Waves Through Aerosols - Particle Modeling, Reflectivity and Attenuation
  346. Christos Kontogeorgakis
  347. Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions and Steady States in Biased Diffusion of Two Species
  348. Gyorgy Korniss
  349. Floor Vibration Design Criterion for Cold-Formed C-Shaped Supported Residential Floor Systems
  350. Cynthia A. Kraus
  351. Capital Access in Rural Virginia
  352. Zana Kruja
  353. Design of Integrated, Low Power, Radio Receivers in BiCMOS Technologies
  354. William B. Kuhn

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  355. A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Nonlinear Vibrations of Buckled Beams
  356. Walter Lacarbonara
  357. Head Start Social Services: Experiences, Perceptions, And Benefits From the Perspective of Head Start Mothers
  358. Gary Lee Lacy
  359. Robust GMSK Demodulation Using Demodulator Diversity and BER Estimation
  360. Jeffery D. Laster
  361. Small Signal Equivalent Circuit Extraction From A Gallium Arsenide MESFET Device
  362. Mark C. Lau
  363. Scaling Effects on Damage Development, Strength, and Stress-Rupture Life of Laminated Composites in Tension
  364. J. Andre Lavoie
  365. Optimization Based Domain Decomposition Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Problems
  366. Hyesuk Kwon Lee
  367. Uneasy Tensions in Health Care Delivery in a Rural Appalachian Coal Mining Community: Envisioning Alternative Solutions
  368. Renee Gravois Lee
  369. Adaptive Self-Tuning Neuro Wavelet Network Controllers
  370. Gaviphat Lekutai
  371. Reducing Public Speaking Anxiety for Community College Students: The Effects of a Combination Anxiety Reduction Technique on Trait and State Anxiety
  372. Brenda Lewis-Holmes
  373. Preparation of Nitrile Containing Siloxane Triblock Copolymers and Their Application as Stabilizers for Siloxane Magnetic Fluids
  374. Chenghong Li
  375. Physical Layer Design for a Spread Spectrum Wireless LAN
  376. Guoliang Li
  377. Adaptive Antenna Arrays for Satellite Personal Communication Systems
  378. Keng Jin Lian
  379. Dynamic Response of Linear/Nonlinear Laminated Structures Containing Piezoelectric Laminas
  380. Xiaoqing Liang
  381. TheIgnition of Methane and Coal Dust by Air Compression - The Experimental Proof
  382. Wei Lin
  383. Multiple Wave Scattering and Calculated Effective Stiffness and Wave Properties in Unidirectional Fiber-reinforced Composites
  384. Wenlung Liu
  385. Analysis and Reduction of Moire Patterns in Scanned Halftone Pictures
  386. Xiangdong Liu
  387. Modeling the Time-to-Corrosion Cracking of the Cover Concrete in Chloride Contaminated Reinforced Concrete Structures
  388. Youping Liu
  389. A History of Nansemond Collegiate Institute from 1890 to 1939
  390. Milton R. Liverman
  391. Detection and Identification of Acinobacillus Pleuropneumoniae Serotype 5 by Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction
  392. Terry Lo
  393. Compensation Choice - The Effect on Firm Performance: An Interindustry Look at Performance Plans and Restricted Stock
  394. Patricia Graybeal Lobingier
  395. Development of a Hypermedia Template Using Whole Language Instructional Methods for the Preservation of Native American Languages
  396. Barbara B. Lockee
  397. Life Prediction of Composite Armor in an Unbonded Flexible Pipe
  398. James S. Loverich
  399. Gateroad Design in Overlying Multi-Seam Mines
  400. JunLu Luo
  401. Techniques for Evaluating Powe r Plant Discharges Using In-situ Breakdown and Flow Through Laboratory Sediment Bioassays
  402. Stuart R. Lynde

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  403. On an Order-Parameter Model of Solid-Solid Phase Transitions
  404. Gail S. Mackin
  405. Trim, Control, and Performance Effects in Variable-Complexity High-Speed Civil Transport Design
  406. Peter Edward MacMillin
  407. Lagrangian Relaxation / Dual Approaches For Solving Large-Scale LinearProgramming Problems
  408. Ananth R. Madabushi
  409. Advanced Time Domain Sensing for Active Structural Acoustic Control
  410. Julien Maillard
  411. TAAF Stopping Rules for Maximizing the Utility of One-Shot Systems
  412. Lisa M. Maillart
  413. What Children Think, Feel, and Know About the Overhand Throw
  414. Mark A. Manross
  415. Passive Scalar Measurements in Actively Excited Free Shear Flows
  416. Steven Joseph Marques, Junior
  417. Some Assembly Required: The Structural Condition of Collage in Architecture and Urbanism
  418. J. Garrett Martin
  419. A Hedonic Study of Prepackaged Software
  420. Robert John McCahill
  421. Lysine and Glycyl-L-Sarcosine Absorption Across Ovine Forestomach Epithelium In Vitro
  422. Martha Quinn McCollum
  423. Geogaphic Information System Topographic Factor Maps for Wildlife Management
  424. John Wayland McCombs II
  425. The Effects of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Stimuli on Spatial Representation in Drawings
  426. Tammy M. McGraw
  427. InvestigativeLearning in an Undergraduate Biology Laboratory: An Investigation into Reform in Science Education
  428. Woodrow L. McKenzie
  429. History of Virginia's 4-H Camping Program: A Case Study on Events Leading to the Development of the 4-H Educational Centers
  430. Robert Ray Meadows
  431. Nondestructive Evaluation of Zirconium Phosphate Bonded Silicon Nitride Radomes
  432. Jonathan A. Medding
  433. Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometer System Using Wavelength Modulated Source
  434. Scott A. Meller
  435. In Their Own Words:Using Retrospective Narratives to Explore the Influences of Socio-cultural and Contextual Factors on Discourses About Identity of Self-as-Principal
  436. Julie Meltzer
  437. Of Surface and Shadow. Proposal for a New School of Architecture
  438. Clarissa Mendez
  439. A Computational Model for Two-Phase Ejector Flow
  440. Peter Menegay
  441. Empirical Investigation of Sociotechnical Issues in Engineering Design
  442. Joe W. Meredith
  443. Feasibility Study of Partially Restrained Connections
  444. Joseph P. Migliozzi
  445. Quality and Competence: An Analysis of the Role of Mill's Qualitative Hedonism on his Conception of Representative Democracy
  446. J. Joseph Miller
  447. Sliding Mode Controller Design for ABS System
  448. Qian Ming
  449. Performance of Hyperbolic Position Location Techniques for Code Division Multiple Access
  450. George A. Mizusawa
  451. Interlaminar Deformation at a Hole in Laminated Composites: A Detailed Experimental Investigation Using Moire Interferometry
  452. David Hilton Mollenhauer
  453. Rule-Based Approaches for Controlling Oscillation Mode Dynamic Systems
  454. Myung Soo Moon
  455. Publication of the Bibliographies on the World Wide Web
  456. Ibrahim Utku Moral
  457. Simulation of the MAC Portion of IEEE 802.11 and Bursts of Errors for Wireless Data Networks
  458. Farhood Moslehi
  459. Fleet Introduction Project for the United States Navy's Next Generation Bathythermograph Recorder System
  460. Larry Reynolds Moss
  461. An Examination of the Credit Card Payment Practices of College Students
  462. Jennifer L. Munro
  463. VLSI Implementation of a Run-time Reconfigurable Custom Computing Integrated Circuit
  464. Mark D. Musgrove
  465. Meeting Development Objectives with Agricultural Research: Priority Setting in Zimbabwe
  466. Gladys Mutangadura
  467. Defect Structures in Ordered Intermetallics; Grain Boundaries and Surfaces in FeAl, NiAl, CoAl and TiAl
  468. Batsirai M. Mutasa

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  469. A Method to Enhance the Performance of Synthetic Origin-Destination (O-D) Trip Table Estimation Models
  470. Dhruv Nanda
  471. Development of the Pressure-Sensitive-Paint Technique for Advanced Turbomachinery Applications
  472. Kelly R. Navarra
  473. Bayesian Two Stage Design Under Model Uncertainty
  474. Angela R. Neff
  475. An Interactive Chemical Equilibrium Solver for the Personal Computer
  476. Charles H. Negus
  477. RobustAnalysis of M-Estimators of Nonlinear Models
  478. Shawn Patrick Neugebauer
  479. Money Management Behaviors of Traditional-Aged College Freshmen and Sophomores: A Qualitative Study
  480. Heather A. Nick
  481. An Investigation of Carrier Recovery Techniques for PSK Modulated Signals in CDMA and Mulipath Mobile Environments
  482. Steven P. Nicoloso
  483. Velocity Structure of the Subducting Nazca Plate Beneath Central Peru as Inferred from Travel Time Anomalies
  484. Edmundo O. Norabuena

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  485. Analysis of Means and Methods of Construction Improvement in Single Family Housing in Mid-Atlantic Rural University Towns
  486. Melissa Lynn Obiso
  487. Dataflow Analysis and Optimization of High Level Language Code for Hardware-Software Co-Design
  488. R. Brendan O'Connor
  489. A Unified Analysis of the B = 2 System
  490. Chang-Heon Oh
  491. An Investigation of the Relationship Between Teachers' Participation in 4MAT Fundamentals Training and Teachers' Perception of Teacher Efficacy
  492. Lenna P. Ojure
  493. Modeling and LQR Control of a Two-Dimensional Airfoil
  494. Shana D. Olds
  495. A Contemporary Turkish Coffeehouse Design Based On Historic Traditions
  496. Timur Oral
  497. Combined Tension and Bending Loading in Bottom Chord Splice Joints of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Trusses
  498. Philip J. O'Regan
  499. An End to the Other in Landscape Architecture: Poststructural Theory and Universal Design
  500. David M. Orens
  501. Performance Assessment Methodology: Task Dependent Evaluation of Display Systems
  502. Dean H. Orrell
  503. Biotribology: The Effect of Lubricant and Load on Articular Cartilage Wear and Friction
  504. Michael C. Owellen

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  505. Custom Computing Machine Solution for Simul ation of Discretized Domain Physical Systems
  506. Kevin J. Paar
  507. Poly(A)+ RNA from Sheep Omasal Epithelium Induces Expression of a Peptide Transport Protein(s) in Xenopus Laevis OOcytes
  508. YuanXiang Pan
  509. Mechanisms of Deformation and Fracture in TiAl: An Atomistic Simulation Study
  510. Julia B. Panova
  511. The Role of Turbulence on the Initiation of Sediment Motion
  512. Athanasios N. Papanicolaou
  513. Development and Applications of Finite Elements in Time Domain
  514. Sungho Park
  515. Fighting for Independence and Slavery: Confederate Perceptions of Their War Experiences
  516. James W. B. Paxton
  517. An Integrated Geophysical Study of the Central Appalachians of Western Virginia and Eastern West Virginia
  518. Samuel Thomas Peavy
  519. Transition:a Process of Beginning and Ending
  520. Kimberly A. Peck
  521. An Emerging Partnership in Regional Economic Development: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Local State and the World Bank. A Case Study of Planafloro, Rondônia, Brazil
  522. Marcos Antonio Pedlowski
  523. The Effect of Reactive Oxygen Species on Aged Skeletal Muscle
  524. Talayia Nayette Perkins
  525. Perceptions of School Counselors Towards Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) in Virginia Public Schools
  526. Rachelle Perusse
  527. Novel Adaptive Array Algorithms and Their Impact on Cellula r System Capacity
  528. Paul Petrus
  529. An Evaluation of Ecosystem Management and Its Application to the National Environmental Policy Act: The Case of the U.S. Forest Service
  530. Claudia Goetz Phillips
  531. Academic Speed Bumps: Time to Completion of the Dissertation
  532. Catherine Gaffney Pinson
  533. Quantitative Analysis of Antioxidants from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) by off-line Supercritical Fluid Extraction Coupled High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  534. Angela Marie Pinto
  535. The Impact of Two-Rate Taxes on Construction in Pennsylvania
  536. Florenz Plassmann
  537. The Use of Buckwheat Border Habitats to Attract Natural Enemies of Cucumber Beetles in a Cucurbit Agroecosystem
  538. Jason Owen Platt
  539. An Evaluation of the Organizational a nd Interpersonal Communication Strategies Used by a major Forest Products Firm in East Tennessee
  540. Jennifer Lee Plyler
  541. Bi-criteria Scheduling Problems on Parallel Machines
  542. Divya Prakash
  543. Use of First-Principle Numerical Models to Enhance the Understanding of the Operational Analysis of Space-Based Earth Radiation Budget Instruments
  544. Kory James Priestley
  545. Aquaculture of Pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) and a Comparison of Its Quality: Microbiological, Sensory, and Proximate Composition
  546. Sharma V. S. Pullela
  547. Investigation of the Effects of COD/TP Ratio on the Performance of a Biological Nutrient Removal System
  548. Warangkana Punrattanasin
  549. Performance Evaluation of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel and Corrosion Inhibitors in a Simulated Concrete Pore Water Solution
  550. Wioleta A. Pyc

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  551. Molecular Studies on Soybean Mosaic Virus-Soybean Interations
  552. Saba J. Qusus

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  553. Quantifying the Effects of Microbial Phytase and Diet Acidity on Ca and P Utilization by Weanling Pigs
  554. John Scott Radcliffe
  555. Measurement of Thermal Properties of Seafood
  556. Sudhaharini Radhakrishnan
  557. Basal Area Growth and Crown Dynamics in a Loblolly Pine Spacing Trial
  558. Philip J. Radtke
  559. Characterizing the Respiration of Stems and Roots of Three Hardwood Tree Species in the Great Smoky Mountains
  560. Zoltan Rakonczay
  561. Factors Affecting the Programming Performance of Computer Science Students
  562. John B. Raley
  563. The Effects of Multimedia Interface Design on Original Learning and Retention
  564. Theresa D. Ramsey
  565. An Approach to Open Space Planning Based on the Principles of Landscape Ecology: An Application to Greater Roanoke Area
  566. Rekha Rao
  567. Genetic Analysis of Sheep Discrete Reproductive Traits Using Simulation and Field Data
  568. Shaoqi Rao
  569. Analysis of Adiabatic Shear Banding in a Thick-Walled Steel Tube by the Finite Element Method
  570. Dean J. Rattazzi
  571. EPOLLS: An Empirical Method for Prediciting Surface Displacements Due to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading in Earthquakes
  572. Alan F. Rauch
  573. Effects of Curiosity on Socialization-Related Learnign and Job Performance in Adults
  574. Thomas G. Reio, Jr.
  575. Evalution of a Model for Experimentally-Induced Osteoarthritis in the Hip Joint of the Dog
  576. Walter C. Renberg
  577. Visualizing Categorical Time Series Data with Applications to Computer and Communications Network Traces
  578. Randy L. Ribler
  579. Meaning, Functions, and the Promise of Indicator Semantics
  580. Jason Richardson
  581. Physiological and Metabolic Responses to Constant-Load Exercise on an Inclined Stepper and Treadmill
  582. Brian W. Rieger
  583. Student Satisfaction with the Cooperative Education Program at Virginia Tech
  584. Janet T. Riess
  585. The Symbolic Form of Architecture: An investigation into its philosophical foundations and a discussion on the development of the perception of architectural form by modern theoreticians and symbolist architects
  586. Scott Rimmer
  587. Seismic Response of Structures with Flexible Floor Slabs by a Dynamic Condensation Approach
  588. Mario A. Rivera
  589. Two-Loop Controller for Maximizing Performance of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Plant
  590. Kyoungsoo Ro
  591. One-Dimensional, Finite-rate Model for Gas-Turbine Combustors
  592. Carlos G. Rodriguez
  593. Simulation of Adaptive Array Algorithms for CDMA Systems
  594. Zhigang Rong
  595. A Test of the Effects of Assessment and Feedback on Individuals with Panic Attacks
  596. Allison Anne Roodman
  597. Towards the Design of Carnitine Acyltransferase Inhibitors: Modeling the Conformational Behavior of (R)-Carnitine, (R)-Acetylcarnitine, Morpholinium rings, and 2-Oxo-1,3,6-dioxazaphosphacinium rings
  598. Victor Manuel Rosas-Garcia
  599. Adapting Television Cultivation Theory Variables to Determine the effects of P.E. TV on Middle School Viewers' Attitudes Toward Physical Activity
  600. John Mathieu Roussell
  601. Trade and Industrial Education: A Climate For Reform
  602. Bryan K. Rowland
  603. Distributed Parameter Control of Thermal Fluids
  604. Diana Rubio
  605. Hyperadaptation-Another Missing Term in the Science of Form
  606. David Rudnick

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  607. A Radial Basis Function Approach to a Color Image Classification Problem in a Real Time Industrial Application
  608. Ferat Sahin
  609. Performance Evaluation of DEVT in Different Radio Environments
  610. Kevin J. Saldanha
  611. Basis for Selectivity of Isoxaben in Ajuga (Ajuga reptans), Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei), and Dwarf Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus 'Compacta')
  612. Sydha Salihu
  613. Neural Fuzzy Techniques In Vehicle Acoustic Signal Classification
  614. Somkiat Sampan
  615. Optimal Boundary and Distributed Controls for the Velocity Tracking Problem for Navier-Stokes Flows
  616. Manservisi Sandro
  617. The Effect of Dieoffs of Asian Clams (Corbicula fluminea) on Native Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae)
  618. Jennifer L. Scheller
  619. Modeling Aircraft Fuel Consumption with a Neural Network
  620. Glenn D. Schilling
  621. Autonomous Vehicle Control Using Image Processing
  622. Nikolai Schlegel
  623. Experimental Study of the PVTX Properties in Part of the Ternary System H2O-NaCl-CO2
  624. Christian Schmidt
  625. A Qualitative Study of the Development and First Year of Implementation of the Blacksburg Electronic Village
  626. John R. Schorger Jr.
  627. Restoration of Prime Farmland Disturbed by Mineral Sand Mining in the Upper Coastal Plain of Virginia
  628. Philip D. Schroeder
  629. Dynamics and Control for Vibration Isolation Design
  630. Dino Sciulli
  631. Identification of Criteria for Delivery of Theological Education Through Distance Education: An International Delphi Study
  632. Gary L. Seevers, Jr.
  633. The Effects Of Anxiety and Depression on Children's Utilization of Medical Health Care Services
  634. Laura D. Seligman
  635. Computer Aided Analysis of Smoke Stack Designs
  636. Joseph Charles Servaites
  637. Optimization Techniques Exploiting Problem Structure: Applications to Aerodynamic Design
  638. Ajit R. Shenoy
  639. In Moving to a New Country:Children and Adolescents Adaptation Ccomposition
  640. Uma A. Shenoy
  641. Supercritical Fluid Chromatography with Chemiluminescent Nitrogen and Sulfur Detection
  642. Heng Shi
  643. On-Line Consolidation of Thermoplastic Composites
  644. Po-Jen Shih
  645. The Influence of Feminist Mothers on Their Adolescent Daughters' Career Aspirations
  646. Susan Lane Shome
  647. Characteristics of Coherent Structures in Marine Atmospheric Surface Layer
  648. Hua Shuai
  649. Effects of Illumination and Viewing Angle on the Modeling of Flicker Perception in CRT Displays
  650. Shane D. Sidebottom
  651. A Stochastic Approach to Modeling Aviation Security Problems Using the KNAPSACK Problem
  652. Amy E. Simms
  653. A Comprehensive In-Building and Microcellular Wireless Communication System Design Tool
  654. Roger R. Skidmore
  655. High-Frequency Dimensional Effects in Ferrite-Core Magnetic Devices
  656. Glenn R. Skutt
  657. An Examination of Test-Taking Attitudes and Response Distortion on a Personality Test
  658. Jeffery A. Smith
  659. The Effect of Inbreeding on Lifetime Performance of Dairy Cattle
  660. Lori A. Smith
  661. Estimation of Future Manufacturing Costs for Nanoelectronics Technology
  662. Michael D. Smith
  663. Charting Presence in Virtual Environments and its Effects on Performance
  664. Michael P. Snow
  665. A Transportation System Planning Model for Sustainable Development: System Dynamics Approach to Balancing Socioeconimic and Environmental Concerns
  666. Dongwoo Sohn
  667. Development of Web-Based Educational Modules for Developing VHDL Models of Digital Systems
  668. Weihong Song
  669. Genetic Algorithms for Composite Laminate Design and Optimization
  670. Grant A. E. Soremekun
  671. Systematics of Eastern North American Bracken Fern
  672. William D. Speer
  673. Winning at All Costs?: The Weight-Control Behaviors of Student Athletes
  674. Amy Elaine Mulholland Spelke
  675. A High Performance DSP Based System Architecture for Motor Drive Control
  676. Milo D. Sprague
  677. Development of a Rapid Coliphage Assat
  678. James Emmett Stanek
  679. Finite Element Analysis of Adiabatic Shear Bands in Impact and Penetration Problems
  680. John Boyet Stevens
  681. Family Conversations About Sexual Orientation: Interviews with Heterosexually Married Parents
  682. Tamara J. Stone
  683. The Effect of Strategic Orientation and Adaptability on Organizational Behaviors and Performance: The Case of Electronic Commerce in the Hosiery Industry
  684. R. Barth Strempek
  685. Assessing the Seismic Hazard in Charleston, South Carolina: Comparisons Among Statistical Models
  686. Heather H. Student
  687. A New Adaptive Array of Vibration Sensors
  688. Hartono Sumali
  689. Status and Ecology of the Nilgiri Tahr in the Mukurthi National Park, South India
  690. Stephen Sumithran
  691. Characterizationof Organosilicone Surfactants and Their Effects on Sulfonylurea Herbicide Activity
  692. Jinxia Sun
  693. Post-Closure Silica Transport in the Proposed High Level Radioactive Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada
  694. Zhuang Sun
  695. Enhancing and Reconstructing Digitized Handwriting
  696. David James Swain

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  697. When the State Takes Over a Life: The Public Guardian as Public Administrator
  698. Panela B. Teaster
  699. First-Principles Study of Several Novel Silica Framework Structures
  700. David Michael Teter
  701. Modeling, Control and Stability Analysis of a PEBB Based DC Distribution Power System
  702. Gurjit Singh Thandi
  703. Solution-Focused Leadership: The Development and Evaluation of a Marriage and Family Therapy-BasedLeadership Training Program
  704. Tim R. Thayne
  705. Discrimination of Linguistic and Prosodic Information In Infant-Directed Speech by Six-Month-Olds
  706. Heather M. Theaux
  707. Real-Time Advanced Warning and Traffic Control Systems for Work Zones: Examination of Requirements and Issues
  708. Jose Thommana
  709. Analysis of the Dynamic Interferences between the Stator and Rotor of a Refrigeration Compressor Motor
  710. Swen Thompson
  711. Online Evaluation in WWW-Based Courseware: The Quizit System
  712. Lucio Cunha Tinoco
  713. E ffects of Long-Term Creep on the Integrity of Modern Wood Structures
  714. Jacem Tissaoui
  715. Failure Prediction of Spatial Wood Structures: Geometric and Material Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
  716. Samruam Tongtoe
  717. Analytic Results For Hopping Models with Excluded Volume Constraint
  718. Zoltan Toroczkai
  719. Multiple Reference Active Noise Control
  720. Yifeng Tu
  721. More and Less: Perceptions and Experiences of the Professional Part-Time Employee
  722. Debra M. Tucker
  723. On Finding the Location of an Underwater Mobile Robot Using Optimization Techniques
  724. Sai S. Tunuguntla
  725. A Study of the Effectiveness of Unmanned Radar as a Speed Control Technique in Freeway Work Zones
  726. Rod E. Turochy
  727. Concurrent Aerodynamic Shape/Cost Design of Magnetic Levitation Vehicles Using Multidisciplinary Optimization Techniques
  728. Jason Scott Tyll

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  729. Intelligent Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles in an Automated Highway System: Learning Methods and Interacting Vehicles Approach
  730. Cem Unsal
  731. Immigrant Mothers--American Daughters: Context and Meaning of Relationships
  732. Paula M. Usita

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  733. Interactions within a Shared Graphic Space
  734. Carmel John Vaccare
  735. Applications of Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques of Management in Administrative/Academic Decision-Making in Institutions of Higher Education in Virginia
  736. Carlos Alberto Valero H.
  737. Nutrient Management Planning on Virginia Livestock Farms: Impacts and Opportunities for Improvement
  738. Laura Snively VanDyke
  739. PerformanceEvaluation of a Frequency Modulated Spread-Spectrum System
  740. Yash M. Vasavada
  741. Anatomical Evelopments and the Role of Carbohydrate or Mineral Nutrient Deficiency on Bud Necrosis of ëriesling1 Grapevines (Vitis Vinifera L.)
  742. Lakshmi Vasudevan
  743. Netsim: A Java(TM) -Based WWW Simulation Package
  744. Tamie Lynne Veith
  745. SubstructureSynthesis Analysis and Hy brid Control Design for Buildings under Seismic Excitation
  746. Cesar A. Morales Velasco
  747. Analysis of Thermally Diffused Single Mode Optical Fiber Couplers
  748. Nirmalkumar Velayudhan
  749. Vibration Modeling and Experimental Analysis of a Locomotive Cab
  750. James J. Venezia, Jr.
  751. Sorting by Bounded Permutations
  752. John Paul C. Vergara
  753. On-Line Transient Stability Analysis of a Multi-Machine Power System Using the Energy Approach
  754. Antoine Vidalinc
  755. Determination of Optimal Stable Channel Proviles
  756. Gregorio G. Vigilar, Jr.
  757. The Social Construction of Sexuality: Personal Meanings, Perceptions of Sexual Experience, and Females' Sexuality in Puerto Rico.
  758. María Isabel Martino Villanueva
  759. A Numerical Study of the Sensitivity of Cloudy-Scene Bidirectional Reflectivity Distribution Functions to Variations in Cloud Parameters
  760. Pierre V. Villeneuve

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  761. Analysis of Tow-Placed, Variable-Stiffness Laminates
  762. Chris Waldhart
  763. Conceptual Development and Empirical Testing of an Outdoor Recreation Experience Model: The Recreation Experience Matrix (REM)
  764. Gordon James Walker
  765. The Aspirations Formation of Disadvantaged Jamaican Male Youths
  766. Kenroy A. Walker
  767. Regional Differences in the Treatment of Karl Marx by the Founders of American Academic Sociology
  768. Richard A. Wallace
  769. "Looking at the Picture by Stepping Outside": A Qualitative Study of Parents' of Adolescents Experience in Family Therapy
  770. Maryann Sheridan Walsh
  771. Residual Stress Effects on Power Slump and Wafer Breakage in GaAs MESFETs
  772. Allan Ward III
  773. Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Frame-type Structures with Random Geometric Imperfections Using a Total-Lagrangian Finite Element Formulation
  774. J.E. Warren, Jr.
  775. Beyond the Psychological Contract: Ideology and the Economic Social Contract
  776. George W. Watson
  777. The Leached Layer Formed On Wollastonite In An Acid Environment
  778. Erich J. Weissbart
  779. Synthesis of 3-Aryl-2-(2 -aryl-2-oxoethyl)pyrido[2,3-d]- 4(3H)pyrimidones and 3-Aryl-2-(2-arylethenyl)pyrido[2,3-d]- 4(3H)pyrimidones as Potential Antiepileptic Drugs
  780. David Charles White
  781. Privilege in Families: Complexity in Adult Sibling Relationships
  782. Karen L. Wilcox
  783. The Music Muse
  784. Leslie Willson
  785. Prediction of Fertility of Virginia Beef Heifers Using Expert Systems Technology
  786. Lawriston A. Wilson II
  787. Turbulent flowfield downstream of a perpendicular airfoil--vortex interaction
  788. Kenneth S. Wittmer
  789. Regional Stormwater Management Facility System at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, Virginia
  790. Matthias Wolter
  791. Optimizing Response Time, Rather than Hit Rates, of WWW Proxy Caches
  792. Roland Peter Wooster
  793. Chemical, Physical and Sensory Characteristics of Lactose-reduced Baked Custards Made with a Low-fat, Low-cholesterol Egg Substitute
  794. Veronica Tong Wu
  795. Estradiol-17Beta-Oxytocin Induced Cervical Dilation in Sheep: Application to Transcervical Embryo
  796. Meghan Carole Wulster

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  797. Auxiliary Procedures for the AGNPS Model in Urban Fringe Watersheds
  798. Eugene R. Yagow
  799. Double Angle Framing Connections Subjected to Shear and Tension
  800. Jae-Guen Yang
  801. Ethnicity in Festival Landscapes: An Analysis of the Landscape of Jaialdi '95 as a Spatial Expression of Basque Ethnicity
  802. Michael S. Yatsko
  803. Effects of Long-term Exposure of Normal C57BL/6J Inbred Mice to 17Beta-Estradiol on Gene Expression in Lymphocytes: mRNA Analysis of Lympholines and bcl-2/fas
  804. Zhi-Jun Yin

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  805. Eye Tracking Using Fiber Optics and Computer Vision Techniques
  806. Noel A. Zabaronick
  807. Development and Evaluation of a Comprehensive Tropospheric Chemistry Model for Regional and Global Applications
  808. Rahul A. Zaveri
  809. Electrical, Thermal, and EMI Designs of High-Density, Low-Profile Power Supplies
  810. Michael Tao Zhang
  811. Modeling of Airport Operations Using an Object-Oriented Approach
  812. Caoyuan Zhong
  813. Structure-Property Relationships: Model Studies on Melt Extruded Uniaxially Oriented High Density Polyethylene Films Having Well Defined Morphologies
  814. Hongyi Zhou
  815. Space Design for the ACITC Educational Technology Office Area Using a Workplace Neighborhood Concept
  816. Ping Zhu

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