Communications Project

Help file for students submitting theses/dissertations electronically via the <ETD> Submission Form

There are <ETD> FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) available which you might want to read before you submit, or if you run into a problem while submitting. If you still have questions and they are not answered by the FAQ's or this page please contact the Graduate School, .


Use caution when selecting keywords or phrases. Keywords and phrases are used in conjunction with other information to determine what your ETD is about. Keywords and phrases are also used to aid in searching. They are often "searched on", meaning that when a search is performed the searches look at the keywords and phrases, rather than the whole document.

Keep in mind that you do not want to use keywords or phrases that can already be found in your abstract or title, as those are also searched and you want your keywords and phrases to be as descriptive and unique as you can make them.

Abstract - Special Characters

Special characters such as é will not copy correctly if you try to cut and paste them into the form. The best that you can do for such symbols is to use the english word to represent them, if at all possible. Instead of the degree symbol use the word "degree" instead. If you must have these symbols there are HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) equivalents for most of them that you can use.

There are many good references for the symbol codes that you will need to generate these special characters. Enter the code for the symbol that you want to represent and then fill out the rest of the form. When you get to the "Preview" button at the bottom click it and then review the information to see if the symbol appeared properly.

Your ETD will be published electronically as HTML so if you wish to put in special characters they will be visible when the document finally becomes public.

Netscape 2.0

To ensure the greatest compatibility, it is recommended that you use Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later when viewing this form. Many computer labs around campus have Netscape 2.0 or later , ask the lab monitor if you are not sure which version they have. Netscape Navigator is free to academic institutions, so if you need to download a copy you may do so free of charge from Netscape, simply click the "Netscape Now" button below.